Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell my old car?
Just call Peter's cell phone at 617-538-7070. He will discuss your situation and schedule a pickup.
I don't have a title for the car. Can I still sell it?
Yes, as long as it is being sold as scrap metal.
I have a title, but I can't find the keys. What can I do?
We can haul the car and have keys made for it.
Do I have to pay for towing?
No. Towing is free. We can accept cars that do not run or even do not have tires because we can carry them on our ramp truck. (See photo above.)
How long do I have to wait for vehicle removal?
We can usually take care of this on the same day you call, or whenever is most convenient for you.
My car was wrecked in an accident. Will you still buy it?
Yes. We can recycle the car for its metal.
I have a late model car with a blown transmission. Will I be able to sell this for more than scrap value?
Yes. We will factor in the cost of a new transmission, but you will be paid a fair price.
I work during the day. Can I arrange pickup in the early morning?
We can meet you before you leave for work.
My neighbors are complaining about the old car in my back yard but I really liked that car and don't want to get rid of it. What can I do about this?
Many people feel this way about their favorite cars.
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To arrange for an appraisal of your car, you can call us at
617-538-7070 (Peter) or 617-538-1124 (Kelly) . . .
or just click here to send us an email.
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